Our strategy

NHS Providers is the membership organisation for the NHS hospital, mental health, community and ambulance services that treat patients and service users in the NHS. We help those NHS trusts and foundation trusts to deliver high-quality, patient-focused care by enabling them to learn from each other, acting as their public voice and helping shape the system in which they operate.

Our new four-year strategy sets out how NHS Providers will maintain our core activities and respond to new challenges to ensure we remain a relevant and credible voice on our members’ behalf.

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Strategic objectives


To shape the environment and culture in which our members operate – with a dedicated focus on finances, quality, workforce, governance, regulation, digital transformation, integration and system working.


To be the collective voice of NHS providers working in local systems, reflecting the diversity of our membership, and championing their interests in the media, government, the NHS and wider health and care community.


To help our members and their local system partners drive improvement and innovation through effective, shared development, support and learning.

Excellent organisation

To provide outstanding value for money to our members, create a supportive environment for staff and continually improve, driven by our values.