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Racial equality and inclusivity

Within the NHS, there is still much work to do to remove racial inequalities, and we must continue to invest in support for equality and diversity across the health and care system. It is unacceptable that instances of bullying, harassment and discrimination continue with more prevalence for Black, Asian and minority ethnic staff within the NHS. More must also be done to ensure representation of the UK’s diverse population across all levels of NHS staff seniority.

NHS Providers recognises that the term ‘Black, Asian and minority ethnic’ can be seen as a reductive grouping of a diverse proportion of the population and can be unhelpful when considering the best ways to tackle systemic racism. For now, however, we will be using the term in full, and not shortening Black, Asian and minority ethnic to the acronym, BAME.

Race Equality Programme

The Race Equality programme supports boards to effectively identify and challenge race inequality as a core part of the board’s business by:

  • building personal awareness and understanding of racial justice/anti-racism
  • increasing confidence and capability to proactively challenge the impact of structural racism and seek out opportunities to advance race equality
  • sharing learning on accountability mechanisms to ensure progress is made and sustained with a focus on outcomes